Why Mobile Learning

Mobile learning in a 1:1 environment with iPads creates learning opportunities that would not be possible without technology.  Putting devices into the hands of students allows them to discover, create, and collaborate in and out of the classroom.

Students can use the iPads to discover so much about the world through investigations because of the access to sources reaching far outside the limiting walls of New Trier.  These resources include but are not limited to news outlets, reference materials, blogs, images, and of course books.  Putting these devices into the hands of students allows them to access a world filled with information and opinions far different from those directly surrounding them.  Particularly in our school climate that values ethical conduct, global citizenship and service learning it is important to provide students with the opportunity to learn from teachers, professors, professionals and other students that reside outside of our New Trier environment.  Providing this access at school creates opportunities for students and teachers to engage in meaningful discussions and debate surrounding the student’s discoveries leading to further development of their own ideas, opinions and ultimately their overall understanding.

Creating on the iPad is not a lot different from creating on a laptop or desktop however it does have several advantages.  First, students will have these devices with them in and out of their classrooms creating ubiquitous access to their projects.  Students no longer have to wait until they go home to make an important change to a paper or add a brilliant idea to their project; they can do it when it hits them.  Teachers and students can now become collaborators to improve student reading comprehension, writing skills and overall learning.  Teachers can become facilitators of learning rather then deliverers of information and content.

Collaboration is not just a 21st Century buzz word but a tool that students must learn and master to be successful after they leave New Trier.  iPads create an environment ripe with opportunities for students to collaborate on a variety of projects.  Students can share their papers with peers and improve not only their own writing but the editing skills of the entire class.  Students engaged in research projects across the curriculum can share their findings with each other and the world through a multitude of ways.  Projects can be published to a common shared folder on the New Trier server, a class websites, or a public blog providing students with a sense of relevancy not felt previously when their only audience was their teacher.

Additional Reasons:
  • Access to information 24/7….in and out of the classroom
  • Student collaboration and cooperative learning
  • Teaches students 21st century literacy skills
  • Inquiry & constructivist based lessons
  • Allows for multiple learning styles 
  • Teachers can provide more individual assistance and feedback
  • Takes advantage of the teachable moment 
  • Computer lab in your classroom anytime you need it

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