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iPad 2 vs the New iPad: Storage

24 May

Our school district is deciding what iPad we are going to make available for students in our 600 student iPad pilot program next year.  The differences between the iPad 2 and the New iPad are fairly well documented across the web but most articles focus on the pixels of the screen, the resolution of the camera, the speed of the processor, size of the battery and amount of storage.  I have yet to see an article that explores the direct impact on storage that all of these changes have caused on the new iPad.

I loaded an iPad 2 and the New iPad with the exact same apps which are listed below.  (These Apps are going to be the core apps that every student in the pilot will be given)  What I wanted to look at was how Apps, Video and Images effect storage on the 16GB iPad 2 and the 16GB New iPad.


Remarks, Pages, Keynote, Numbers, iMovie, WebDAV, QRafter, Voice recorder for iPad, iBooks, Quick Graph, pCalc Lite Calculator, Response Ware, My School: Gale Reference App, Coach’s Eye, DocScan HD, Skitch, GoDocs, Explain Everything, DropBox, Animation Creator HD

I wanted to make sure all the apps were the same so my research into file size and storage space was as controlled as possible.  After downloading all of the same applications I completed a few actions to test file size and storage.

On each iPad I did the following:

  1. Took 60 photos
  2. Took a 1 minute video with each iPad
  3. Took a 5 minute video  with each iPad
  4. Created a 5 slide Keynote with pictures taken with the iPad’s camera
  5. Created a pages document with one picture taken with the iPad’s camera
  6. Created a two minute movie in iMovie using the pictures and image from the iPad’s camera.
Below you can see the results on the storage space taken up by just a few small projects.  Imagine what the impact might look like if students had multiple video projects, paper assignments and keynote presentations.
iPad 2:  7.9 GB of storage left after the above tasks.
iPad 3:   6.8 GB of storage left after the above tasks.
As you can see the iPad 2 has more the a GB of more storage left after just this small amount of work.
(Click the pictures for larger images)

Additional information about file Size

iPad 2 The New iPad
Screen Shot File Size 179 KB 510KB
Photo File Size 228 KB 2MB

What is interesting about that is you can take and store 10 photos on the iPad 2 for every one on the New iPad.

We are not sure what direction we are going to go but it certainly seems like if you are going to go with the 16GB iPad…………you might want to choose the iPad 2 because the file size of the New iPad might become an issue.