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Student Authoring of Content using iBook Author

9 Oct

Even though iBook Author is not available on the iPad and my class is 1:1 with iPad I still think it is very relevant to a 1:1 iPad class.  (All you need is a Mac computer lab or access to a few Macs for students to share)   First, the content the students make using iBook author, is an iBook, meaning the finished product is designed to be viewed on an iPad and secondly the multitouch digital textbooks that students are able to create are awesome!

Click here to see the assignment:  Histology Project Overview

In my anatomy and physiology class I had each student create a single chapter within iBook Author on a specific type of tissue found in the body.  To take advantage of their iPads I had them complete all of their research ahead of time using internet and book research in class.  (I had the library deliver a cart of books on tissues)  In addition to the research they had to take several pictures of their assigned tissue using their iPad cameras and our normal compound microscopes in the class.

After they finished their research and picture taking the student spent two days in the computer lab working on their actual chapter.  I had the student use the same template so when I compiled all the chapters together it would flow into one book.  It only took me about 15 minutes to compile all 20+ chapters.

Once I compiled the book I published it to our Learning Management Systen Canvas so they could download it and use it during out lab portion of the unit.  (Student have to ID unknown tissue samples)

Click here to download the iBook my class made:  New Trier Histology

Here are a few images from the book: