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EdPuzzle: Great Subplans….

19 Nov

I was recently out of class presenting at a conference and looking for a way to keep my students moving forward in my curriculum.  Usually when I miss class for a conference I try and time it around a project, group work or a hands-on activity that a substitute teacher could easily oversee, however that just wasn’t possible this time.  My class was heading into a very challenging section of the curriculum where they were learning about the steps of muscle contraction.  This is a very complicated process where I usually walk them through it using an App Called Animation Creator HD.

(see post here:     https://ipads4education.org/2013/10/08/using-student-created-animation-to-increase-understanding/ )

(see my Book on the iTunes Bookstore about teaching this concept:  https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/student-created-science-animation/id860822256?mt=11&uo=4)

One Best Thing

What made this different then both of those situations?  I was not in the room!  I decided to use a combination of Edpuzzle.com and  Animation Creator to help my students learn about muscle contraction.  I used three Kahn Academy videos on muscle contraction (Myosin and Actin, Tropmyosin and Troponin, and The Role of the Sarcoplasmic Reticulum) but loaded them into EdPuzzle so I could add my own audio and short quiz questions to help further my students’ understanding.  If you are not familiar with EdPuzzle, the website allows teachers to take videos they have created or found on the web and add interactive content.  Teachers can add their own audio over the entire video or just pause the video at a specific point and explain a topic further that perhaps their students were not as familiar with.  I did this a number of times which helped scaffold my students up to the higher level content found in these videos.  The interactive piece comes from the discussion questions and multiple choice questions that you can add to any video.  This forces students to pause, reflect and answer a question before they are allowed to move on in the video.  I found this particularly helpful because I was out of the building.  However, because I still had access to the internet, I could sit and watch my students progress through the videos and watch which answers they were getting right and which ones they were getting wrong.

Lastly, I create a short video using a program called Reflector on my Mac to record a movie on how to create a muscle contraction animation on iPad.  Students worked in pairs because one students showed the video on their iPad while they worked together on the other iPad to create the animation.  For homework both students were required to add their own audio to the animation using iMovie.

I have to admit that I was worried that my students would struggle with all of the new technology and the new content but they didn’t!  My students had NEVER used Edpuzzle or Animation Creator but they were able to figure it out!  I just sent them the links and a few instructions and they were off and learning.  I was amazed with what they created the last two days in class and pretty happy with how much they had learned.