My Maps Editor_ A geolocation activity

6 Feb

This is a email from one of the Geoscience teachers at my school that is also apart of our iPad pilot.  She used My Maps Editor to have students place volcanoes on a Google Earth map.  When the add these locations they can also add additional information including text and pictures.  See the information below and feel free to download her example and directions.  I could see the being usefull in other classes including Geography and any language class.

I use My Maps Editor ( to create a Google Map in geoscience.  I also attached the data for part of the assignment that I quickly created so you can see what the final product may look like (when it opens in Google Earth you likely have to zoom in to see the volcano icons).

Volcano mapping MY MAPS instructions iPad

Basically, My Maps Editor allows you create a map and add data points, lines, etc to that map.  The data can then be exported to Google Earth or uploaded & submitted to Canvas for me to view.   For each of the data points you can type in detailed information and add a photo easily from your camera roll (assuming you are signed in to your Google account through the app).  Map locations can be search by point of interest, city, or coordinates (latitude, longitude) as long as Google Maps is enabled through the app.  I also like the option to have the Google Maps integration and satellite view as well (especially for geoscience).  Data point icons can also be changed so that you may have a variety of colors, shapes, images, etc (they have a little volcano icon!).

For this geoscience assignment, students had to map volcanoes we have been discussing in class, as well as other active/infamous volcanoes, include information/images for each, then eventually draw in the major tectonic plate boundaries so that we can see the relationship between the different plate boundaries, type of volcano and activity status of the volcanoes.

This is a pretty cool app that I will definitely be using for multiple geoscience activities and hopefully other teachers can use it as well.

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