Enhancing a Current activity to take advantage of iPad

15 Oct

I thought I would write a post showing an activity before and after the use of the iPads.  In our skeletal unit we assign a joint homework that asks the student to identify the major joints in the body.  The images below show what the assignment looked like before students had access to the iPads.  We asked them to define a few terms and identify joints by looking at some x-rays.  (This was also more challenging for the students because the paper version made viewing the x-rays less clear)


As you can the above images will be much better viewed on an iPad then on paper.  In addition there is not a lot of interaction with the document.  No research or creative inquiry.  With the new document we have added a section to add images and information they gather from either their text or the internet.  They are responsible for figuring out an example of each joint, inserting it into the document and adding other important information that will help them learn each joint.  Each student found their own images of joints and inserted them into their homework.  These images are no longer provided to them by me!

The images below are of the new assignment with the added student work.  This is nothing life changing but just another example of how a homework assignment can become more interactive and meaningful using the iPad.

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